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Title 47 - Telecommunications

Title 47, also known as the "FCC Rules", defines the charter of the FCC and outlines regulations pertaining to any and all telecommunications. Updates to this portion of the Federal Regulations occur every year on October 1st. Of most interest to Amateur Radio operators are Parts 2, 15, and 97.

  • Part 2

    Covers Frequency Allocations and Treaty Matters. This is covered off site, and linking directly to the Federal Regulations. Learn More

  • Part 15

    Covers Radio Frequency Devices. Learn More

  • Part 2.201

    This particular subsection of Part 2 covers Emission, Modulation and Transmissions Characteristics. Learn More

  • Part 97

    Section of Government regulation that defines Amateur Radio Services. Learn More

  • Part 0

    Covers the Commission's Organization Learn More

  • Part 1

    Covers FCC Procedure and Practice Learn More

  • Part 17

    Covers Construction, Marking and Lighting of Antenna Structures Learn More

  • Part 18

    Covers Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipment Learn More

  • Part 76

    Covers Multi-Channel Video and Cable Television Service Learn More

  • Part 90

    Covers Private Land Mobile Radio Services Learn More