ARRL and Technology

The ARRL Lab provides members with technical information services, trusted product-review testing, spectrum-protection engineering, professional industry contact and a comprehensive RFI/EMC program.

  • Periodicals Archive and Search: Looking for an article? Search QST, QEX, NCJ, OTA, and ham radio. Registered members may download QST articles from 1915 to December 2011. ham radio is owned by CQ Communications, Inc. 
  • Digital QST provides a text search to all QST content after 2012.   In 2020 QEX, NCJ, and OTA went digital just like QST.  Digital QST has an archive starting in 2012 and the other magazines have archives starting in 2020.  ARRL membership now includes online access to four digital magazines.
  • Product Review: Check out ARRL test-result reports available for selected reviewed items.
  • Forums: Talk to other ARRL members about various Amateur Radio topics. Join the conversation or start a topic of your own. An alternative to and





  • Radio Technology Topics

    Amateur Radio has always developed hand in hand with electronics and radio technology. Learn More

  • RFI

    As our lives become filled with technology, the likelihood of electronic interference increases. Learn More

  • ARRL Lab

    The ARRL Lab provides a wide range of technical services and support to ARRL members. Learn More

  • ARRL References

    Find information that extends or supports various ARRL publications. Learn More


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