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Question about log file format details... AI5RR 3 weeks, 6 days ago
The CQ WPX Contest only recognizes the Cabrillo fields shown on this page.
The complete Cabrillo specification can be found at

'T' or 'F' - "If you hear 'em you can work 'em" xof7fox 3 weeks, 6 days ago
Repeaters typically transmit with more power than an HT.
Repeater receivers are typically located in locations with plenty of transmitters. I recall Mt Equinox being home to 150 transmitters, including a FM broadcast station!
IC-7000 frequency limits wwsisson on 2/6/22
The Japanese are known to use different firmware when producing different versions to comply with local regulations so there isn't always an unlock option.
email forwarding n1zx on 25/5/22
The email address is the address of the email account you want email sent to forwarded to. Obviously you can't forward email from to You will need to supply something like a or gmail account.
DXCC Zone, Credit Not Showing K3SV on 20/5/22
I looked at my record for JT1CO. There is no QSL in LoTW for my 20M CW QSO as it was confirmed by paper. But, I can go to my list of 20M confirmed entities and pull up this record under QSL Card Detail.
Worked Station
Worked JT1CO
Date 2012-05-26
Mode CW (CW)
Band 20M

In contrast, a WAZ contact confirmed by LoTW ends with the time of confirmation as this is known to the nearest second.
QSL 2012-09-05 08:05:35

The list of LoTW contacts won't show paper QSLs. To see the paper QSL record you need to go to the award listings.

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