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Air Conditioner RFI KD4LN on 20/11/17
Since replacing my older furnace with a heat pump in September, I too have been plagued by the dreaded 18kc spike, in my case, across 15 meters. Here's the cure for my problem, and likely for everyone else having this problem: My electrical contractor was very eager to investigate, and he spoke to Carrier about this. Carrier suggested replacing the variable speed motor in the air handler indoor unit, also known as an ECM. Today, armed with an older type design, known as a standard multi-speed motor, he swapped out the variable speed unit, and the 18kc spike instantly disappeared completely. He told me to pass along that regardless of brand, the variable speed units are universal, so this is likely to be a problem for anyone installing a new heat pump. He said if you want to rid yourself of the rfi spike, to replace the ECM/variable speed motor with a multi-speed motor. My cost was $150 plus an hour of labor, which I was happy to pay to rid myself of this noise.
73 de Jack W4TJE
Fancy Gap, VA

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