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VHF/UHF FM Voice? Dec 17th 2020, 22:17 4 2,587 on 31/12/20
My first radio- Gifted to me... RS HTX-202 Oct 11th 2020, 22:57 3 1,719 on 16/10/20

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VHF/UHF FM Voice? KJ7WUZ on 17/12/20
The widow of a silent key has gifted me a Radio Shack HTX-202 and two Radio Shack HTX-40s.

I am studying for my Tech ticket.

I have tried monitoring 2m and 70cm and it seems the transmissions are mostly digital now, rather than phone, now. Am I correct in assuming this?

I was fortunate to hear a new Ham in his first time ever doing a net coordination... The older tickets were encouraging and giving him some pointers.

I hope to test soon, COVID allowing.... Our Gov is keeping us all buttoned down

My first radio- Gifted to me... RS HTX-202 KJ7WUZ on 16/10/20
Thank you, Sir! That makes things easier.
My first radio- Gifted to me... RS HTX-202 KJ7WUZ on 11/10/20
I just received a Radio Shack HTX-202 VHF FM HT today. The previous owner's widow gave me this radio and a MFJ-557 CW practice key. I understand this was an Icom designed radio and the reviews seem to be good on it.

I will have to replace the main batteries, the memory battery, locate a charger and determine the best antenna for it. It needs a BNC connector on the antenna.

I would appreciate any suggestions or inputs for the restoration.

I can't wait to get my Technician ticket, I am studying for it now.

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