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Weird interference, every 66 Khz Oct 18th 2021, 07:57 4 641 19 hours, 44 minutes ago

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Weird interference, every 66 Khz N1LOU on 18/10/21
Is there a way to post pics to this forum? I would love to post up screenshots of the spectrum scope
Weird interference, every 66 Khz N1LOU on 18/10/21
I am noticing this interference on all bands from 10-160. it seems to recur every 66 Khz. It is noticeably absent above 35 Mhz. The amplitude of the interference differs among the bands being more noticeable on some. On 60 Meters it is the worse, and I actually see two different signals on the band, one spaced at 66 Khz and one very square shaped wave every 62 Khz. If I tune one of these signals it comes across as a soft white noise. It's not the worst interference as I can easily tune signals that are not right on top of one of these spikes, and they are actually quite far apart compared to the bandwidth of a typical SSB signal. Has anyone seen this and if so, what is it and how do I get rid of it

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