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Air Conditioner RFI KD4LN on 2/7/14
This is an old article, but I am wondering if there has been any progress. I have a similar problem:.
I have a RUUD Model UARL-060JEC A/C which is throwing up all sorts of spurii. My rig is a Flex 3000 so I am able to see the clear spikes evenly spaced out on the panadaptor display. When I disconnect the antennas, the spikes disappear, suggesting this is not in the line.

I also have a battery operated portable. I observed a spike at 14063 MHz on my Flex and tuned the portable to 14063. I then went outside and as I approached the A/C unit, I got a signal at the spike frequency that pegged the S-Meter. When the A/C unit turned off, the signal disappeared. The signal - when the unit was operating was strongest at the unit and dropped several S-units when I brought the antenna of the portable up to the power lines leading to the A/C unit.

The shack is in the house in a room about 25 feet from the A/C unit and the antenna is an inverted V on the roof about 35 feet fro0m the A/C unit.

I have a feeling (although I have not yet proven it to be the case) that this is not amenable to simply hanging ferrites on the power lines to the A/C unit. I also do not believe the RFI is coming in through the mains, since the Flex, with antennae disconnected, shows a flat noise floor with no spikes.

Don't quite know what to do.

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