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Introduction of new DXCC entities Jan 26th 2018, 08:04 1 7,436 on 26/1/18

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Introduction of new DXCC entities KB1JZU on 26/1/18
With the introduction of Kosovo (Z6) as a new DXCC country, I found it interesting that I was dropped from the Honor Roll list @300 while waiting for 3Y0Z to activate. Z60A was immediately worked but now I sit around waiting for the process to catch LOTW upload, then time to process the submital.
Seems like poor coordination to me. There should be some grace period when a new entity in introduced and systems are not in place to process its accreditation.
I understand the rush to announce in order to coordinate with the 10th anniversary, but recalculation of awards should have some kind of grace period time til at least the earliest time participants can submit contacts.
Just saying....

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