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Lightbulb QSO Party Update

Sep 18th 2018, 10:19


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With over 400 QSO's now logged and confirmed, I have figured out how to effectively load lightbulb on an antenna. A good amount of interest is starting to occur on the lightbulb QSO party - March 9,10, 2019. A lot of people have a lot of different ideas about what a lightbulb QSO Party should look like. Purists want the bulb only radiating from the shack...Experimenters want a 'sky is the limits' approach. So, the QSO Party is going to have 5 different areas of competition for TOP BULB honors:

1. Dummy Load - for the purists - load the bulb in your shack
2. Household - based on lightbulbs commonly used in the household
3. Industrial/Commercial - Based on lightbulbs used in those settings
4. Homebrew - for people who want to build their own home-made lightbulb
5. Freestyle - anything goes - Load the Empire State building if you must.....burn the town down in the process - we don't care

Complete details at HAMSIGNAL.COM

Hope you can make it......


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