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Cancelling a License

How do I cancel a License with FCC?

Individuals must log in to ULS Online Filing with their FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password to cancel their license. Visit the FCC Resources page for instructions and FAQs.

Clubs must file a 605-C form to cancel a club license. The 605-C form must be submitted to a Club Station Call Sign Administrator (CSCSA).

FCC Notification of a Silent Key (deceased licensee)
FCC will not reassign a call sign that is presently licensed to an individual or club, unless they receive a signed written request to have the license canceled--or until two years have elapsed since the license may have expired. Only one person or club can hold a single call sign at one time.

FCC requires that they receive a signed request indicating that the current license holder is now deceased (include the deceased licensee's name and call sign in the notification).  Also, FCC requires that some type of evidence of death accompany the request.  A
ny of the following supporting information is acceptable as proof:
      - Copy of a dated obituary (must include date of death)
      - Copy of the death certificate

Requests for cancellation of a deceased Amateur's license along with the
supporting information can be submitted through the FCC website support
services page  Select option
"Submit a help request", fill in the required fields and attached the proof
before hitting submit. 

Allow FCC one to two weeks to cancel the license. Verify the license has been canceled in the FCC license database (search by call sign or name). 
The canceled license will show the license STATUS as "CANCELED".

If you have any further questions, please contact  ARRL VEC.

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