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Antique/Vintage Radio


A popular part of Amateur Radio is the restoration of vintage radios.  Many hams have re-created their original ham station--carefully restoring old radios to fully functioning equipment.



Since the closing of International Crystals in 2016, Radio Amateurs have had difficulty obtaining crystals for vintage transmitters, oscillator projects and filter experimentation.  Since crystals are difficult to find, we are mentioning a specific manufacturer as a service to our members. 

QuartSlab is one of the very few crystal manufacturers left.

Here's a bit of info, from the owner of QuartSlab: 

QuartSLab has always been owned and managed by Radio Amateurs.  We have a history of supplying Crystals for over 50 years.  Although we are located in the United Kingdom, some 85% of our Crystals are sold to customers in the USA.  All our Crystals are manufactured to order to an accuracy of at least 5 decimal places (6 if required), using pre-aged quartz, thus giving a long-term reliable and stable performance, and are guaranteed for 12 months.  QuartSLab no longer supplies Crystals in FT-243 type holders although we are only too well-aware of their common use in Vintage/Boat Anchor radios. Much of our business is supplying Crystals to customers for these marvellous older radios – it is always a pleasure to be able to assist with breathing new life into the older classic radios. We offer these customers the more modern HC6u with matching socket or, alternatively, a smaller size Crystal that can be fitted inside their existing FT-243 case so maintaining the physical appearance of the FT-243. Crystals used in some of the Valve Oscillators do need to be sufficiently robust to withstand the higher Crystal currents and we do our best to provide this”.  Dave Hayes, GW4AKY, Owner of QuartSLab”.  


 Thanks, Dave, for your efforts.  We can get some of that old valve equipment on the air again now!



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